Norwalk, Ohio Estate and Business Planning Lawyers

What sets us apart?


Many of our services are tailored to meet the planning and transactional needs of our clients. As compared with many other law offices, our practice can be largely managed from our office without being at the mercy of a court docketing schedule. It’s good for our clients because we’re able to maintain maximum flexibility to react quickly to various situations as they arise. We know our clients expect us to be there for them – so we make it a priority.


All attorneys can’t be excellent in all practice area – it’s just not possible in today’s ever-changing legal and regulatory environment. For that reason, we’ve focused our energies on estate planning, small business transactions, real estate, elder law and probate. We believe a focus that is narrower than the general practitioner will enable us to provide more value to our clients.


Many smaller law offices are unable to effectively execute a succession plan for the practice that will ensure clients have a high-level of consistent, experienced service for more than one generation. Our practice is designed to ensure that clients who, over the past 40 years, have entrusted and continue to entrust difficult multi-generational estate and business planning problems to our firm that those plans will be seen through to completion without unnecessary confusion, delay or other problems.


Leaders get better every day while adding value for his clients. We do that here by (1) regularly speaking at continuing education events for other lawyers; (2) publishing articles on our blog; (3) speaking regularly at local community events; (4) publishing a weekly newsletter; (5) creating video to answer frequently asked questions; (6) publishing white papers; and (7) publishing articles in local newspapers. All those endeavors require us to be on top of our game, every day, while at the same time adding value for those individuals consuming the information. It’s what our clients expect and deserve.


It wasn’t that long ago that the thought of a smaller law firm being able to extend beyond the geographical limitations if its own community was a foreign concept. Today, technological implementations have permitted us to worry less about those geographical limitations. If we need to exchange documents and other information primarily by email – we’ll do that. If we need to video conference to overcome the inconvenience of travel – we’ll do that too.


We see all our clients as people. We don’t think of our clients as “files” or “cases” that have some type of built-in expiration date. If we stopped caring at the conclusion of a project, you’d always wonder whether we did everything we could possibly do to achieve the best outcome, or just the outcome that would be best for us. We don’t operate like that – we care about a long-term, decades-long relationship with our clients. We believe that it is impossible to develop that type of relationship without caring about the peace of mind of the person, regardless of the legal project at hand.


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