Elder Law

Our elder law services are really multidisciplinary services that are designed to help the elderly among us to receive assistant with certain legal issues mostly unique to the aging members of our population. The term “elder law” could mean a number of different things accross a number of different discplines. Our services are primarily focused on helping elderly clients make good planning decisions for their assets and, where appropriate, assisting them in making good decisions regarding long-term health care, including Medicaid eligibility.

Over the years our clients have asked us to undertake many different projects relating to elder law. A non-exhaustive, representative example of elder law projects we’ve undertaken are listed below:

  1. Assisting clients with gifting assets to the next generation or to a trust to plan for future Medicaid eligibility after 5 year look-back period;

  2. Helping clients with the Medicaid application process to ensure that the family is able to navigate the often confusing administrative rules and regulations;

  3. Developing a plan to qualify clients for Medicaid which involves gifting of assets to intended beneficiaries to preserve assets for the family, coupled with the use of a Medicaid qualified annuity purchased from a reputable broker;

  4. Setting up caregiver contracts among family members to allow the elderly client to remain in the home longer, while at the same time keeping funds within the family in a way approved by the Dept. of Jobs and Family Services.

Any elder law project necessarily carries with it a certain documents that must be drafted and signed in order to properly accomplish the parties’ objectives. An example of the kinds of documents a client might see, depending upon the project, are, other than perhaps the Medicaid application itself, often just an accumulation of documents frequently used in our other disciplines.

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